DIY: Rainbow Lights Necklace!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Hey guys, yesterday I had the lights up at our house for new years and some of the lights were burned out from last year so while changing them I thought why not use the burned ones for something. So today I looked around the house for a necklace chain and found some in my necklace box. I chose the one with little holes because I thought it would be much better. If you like it and want to do it, don't hesitate it really looks pretty. And if you have seen this here for the first time please tell me so & if you try it yourself I would really like to see the photograps so I can check out how awesome yours came out! 
As you can see they all have burned spots but thats okay. If that really bothers you you can paint over them. So, you see those wires? That is what you'll be using to hang them on the chain, so even the holes out and put the wires in and tighten them. After the tightening cut the wires so they don't hurt you! 
Hope you like my tutorial and if you have any questions feel free to ask.

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