Rome: Part 2

Monday, October 8, 2012

I'm just coming to an end with my Eurotrip and it is time for Vatican City! I have done a lot of posts about this trip and on the last one I had started Rome. It is such a blast doing these posts because I remember how great it was when I look at all the photographs I have taken. Of course there is so much more to share but I only put the photographs that I really like, I hope you enjoy them too!
When I saw these signs it automatically reminded me of Angels&Demons. Such a great movie.
I was not going to include this photo but it was just way too funny I couldn't leave it out. This is me supposedly showing St.Peter's Basilica but as you can see I couldn't quite do it right. Thanks to the man for being at the wrong spot!

After we got out of Vatican City we walked a bit and while walking we saw this Italian car which even made me look like a giant!! It is adorable though.
Hope you enjoyed this part of my trip!


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