Collection: Pencils

Friday, October 26, 2012

I did share my Pok√©mon collection a while back and that is probably one of my biggest collections. I started collecting pencils when I was in 4th grade. That was the time when I moved to New York from Istanbul. I recieved a pencil on my birthday in school and I never used it (but I do not know which one it is) so I started to collect. After that I would get a pencil for every occasion like holidays, birthdays, field trips, good grades etc.

Summer Vacation on Film

Sunday, October 21, 2012

You guys know that I like traveling by now so this post isn't really a surprise. I had a 10 day vacation over the summer in Bodrum, Turkey. It was pretty awesome we took some photographs and had lots of fun. These photos I'm going to share are taken with a smena 8m. It is a fully manual camera that was given to me by my grandmother. 
Workers at the hotel, they were really really friendly! :)
You can find some of these on my Flickr page. Also I should mention that this is in order from bottom to top, so the last photo would be one of the firsts that we took and the first photo with the fisherman is taken on our way back. 
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Rome: Part 3

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

On the last post Rome/2 I took you to Vatican City and today I'm taking you to other wonderful places in Rome. We didn't have much time to see a lot of places in Italy but even going around in Rome made us feel like we were seeing much more than we had imagined. It is such a wonderful place I wish all of you could go one day!
The guys here were really funny. It is pretty obvious in this photo that they are crazy!
Europe is nothing with out Nutella to go!
At our last night we bought lots of souvenirs for friends and family. I bought a mask from Rome, but not this one! Mine is pink.  
PS: This is the end of our trip. After this we went back to Valencia and stayed for 2 more days and headed back to Istanbul!

Rome: Part 2

Monday, October 8, 2012

I'm just coming to an end with my Eurotrip and it is time for Vatican City! I have done a lot of posts about this trip and on the last one I had started Rome. It is such a blast doing these posts because I remember how great it was when I look at all the photographs I have taken. Of course there is so much more to share but I only put the photographs that I really like, I hope you enjoy them too!
When I saw these signs it automatically reminded me of Angels&Demons. Such a great movie.
I was not going to include this photo but it was just way too funny I couldn't leave it out. This is me supposedly showing St.Peter's Basilica but as you can see I couldn't quite do it right. Thanks to the man for being at the wrong spot!

After we got out of Vatican City we walked a bit and while walking we saw this Italian car which even made me look like a giant!! It is adorable though.
Hope you enjoyed this part of my trip!

Bespoke Zine

Sunday, October 7, 2012

A while back I recieved *bespoke* issue #6 that Polly from This Enchanted Pixie held a giveaway for and Jess from the magazine sent it right over to me. It is such a cute vintage magazine that you just want to hug it all the time haha. I really loved that they mentioned lots of bloggers and had a DIY (which I hope to try one day). Thanks to the both ladies for sending me this and if anyone wants to get one for themselves visit Bespoke and order one, they are just really sweet people! Plus it says that it is both available in print and digital!
DIY cushion, step by step!
Some thrifting awsomeness. Little tips on how to find great items and become a thift queen.
A recipe, I swear this zine has lots to offer!