Collection: Pokémon

Saturday, June 2, 2012

I mentioned that I will be posting about my collections today and I want to start off with Pokémon. Why you say? Because when I was a little girl I loved what all boys loved. Soccer, cars, watching cartoons that were mostly related to boys like Power Rangers, Digimon and of course most importantly Pokémon! You might think that how extreme can a person get with a cartoon. Well here are the photographs that may or may not have your answer.These are all my card decks. They all differ. The first photo is my biggest collection of cards and it gets less as the photos go on because I guess they were lost or thrown out before and the ones in the first photo were the newest that came out.These are all my Tazos. If you have no absolute idea on what they are I invite you to Wikipedia! 
Hope you don't think I'm too weird these things actually made my childhood fun. I enjoyed winning and taking away other peoples cards and tazos haha. Have a great weekend!

Photos updated in Jan 2014.


  1. Haha I love it! You have quite the collection, nicely done.

  2. Great collection. I have a few myself but nothing compared to yours. XD
    I remember when these were so popular. It got so bad at my school that if the teachers found you with the cards they would start ripping the cards in half. o.o Cruel right?

  3. Oh my! This takes me back. My brother and I had a similar collection. Pokemon was so popular back then, too bad my mom threw out of cards and pogs when we moved.

  4. pogs!! i bet in twenty years your collection will worth $10000.
    i had a pretty huge collection too and i had an album to put them all in.. i have no idea where it is.