Valencia: Part 2

Sunday, May 6, 2012

The first part of my trip is on the post before, believe it or not that was just one day! We usually go overboard on travelling as there is no time to waste. Well here comes another day with lots of sightseeing. So we got up a little late this day which tourists usually don't do but we were pretty tired from the first day. We had breakfast and than we set out to see some places, but the weather was definitely colder than the first time we got out so we almost turned into ice (None of us could feel our feet)
Took a shortcut through Jardines del Real. I love how the trees are parallel to each other it gives the park a better look. At least a look that I like.
My sister showed us her school! It was really nice, I wish I could study there. Universitat de ValĂ©ncia
These 3 photos were from Jardin del Turia.
My photograph in front of L'Oceanografic.

All of these were located in or by the L'Oceanografic. The last two were from an outside museum it was about astronomy and other science related things. 
Than we went into a mall and ate donuts! Yes, I did expect Dunkin Donuts or Krispy Kreme but they had Duffin Dagels. It's funny to say it! But delicious. It was a great way to end the day, than of course we headed back to the apartment. Going around by foot was pretty exhausting!


  1. These pictures are really wonderful. Looks like the trip has been lots of fun. And those Duffin Dagels what a wonderfully hilarious name, hehe!

  2. I love those photos :)
    this post is amazing!