Valencia: Part 1

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I want to write about my vacation this year during my winter break. It was the best ever. Like a dream come true moment. My sister has been studying in Spain this year because of Erasmus (a program where students go to other countries to study with the help of their university) so we decided to visit her there! After thinking about it for a really long time we thought to ourselves why not go to France and Italy also? So here are some photographs of our trip!
As we were landing! This is the L'oceanografic.
Our first stop while sightseeing was Museu De Belles Arts De Valencia. It was really fun to go around a museum and since I haven't been to one for a while it was nice to find out about different paintings and statues.
This is one of the paintings, I forgot to write down the artists name down so I had to zoom in to that little corner on the picture. Fortunately I could make out the name; Benjamin Palencia Perez . I took this photograph because I loved the colors and the frame. Such a beautiful combination!
The reason I took a photograph of this painting is because I love peacocks, I think they are really precious animals. Their tail is just another story to be told. I don't know the artist of this painting.
Portal of Apostles.
Our next stop was Metropolitan Cathedral–Basilica of the Assumption of Our Lady of Valencia We went up the tower Micalet and had a great view of Valencia!
After that we started to walk on the streets of Valencia! I love how it looks symmetrical.
Than I saw the Valenbisi bikes on the road. It's great how Europeans use bikes to get to places. A healthy lifestyle :)
Than we headed to the train station (EstaciĆ³ del Nord), right next to it was the Plaza de Toros where they have the bull fights. I don't have a decent image of the arena, unfortunately. In this photograph I love how the sky is going from blue-light blue-white.
As the sun was setting and we were heading back to my sisters apartment we went by the flower shops. I love how they were all next to each other giving the plaza a wonderful look and smell! Also the city hall is located here.

There were many other photographs but I think the post is long enough to continue (we also visited Torre de Serrano, Plaza de la Reina, Plaza de la Virgen, Torres de Quart).Hope you enjoyed the first part of my trip!


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  2. I studied abroad in Sevilla and visited Valencia and loved it! It's a beautiful city!
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  3. i love valencia! one of my favorite cities.. i also visited a friend who was on erasmus there :)