Paris: Part 2

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I have shared with you guys the first part of my trip to Paris which you can find  HERE and now I would love to continue from where I have left off. So we left by saying that we were deciding on where to go next and here comes the photographs that explain everything!
Our next stop was Hard Rock Cafe Paris! Something that no one should miss, not in any of the big cities. I wish that on the second photo my reflection didn't show up but it did so no can do :/
We didn't have time to check out what was inside these but I'm sure they were worth seeing. I took their photos so at least I know that I had a chance to walk by them!
A street in Paris. They were all so wonderful and looked antique in other words vintage!
Palais Royal! A wonderful garden even in winter!
Headed to Champs-Elysees. At this point I was feeling a bit sick as it was cold and my stomach started to feel funny.
A photo of me and my sister on our way to Champs-Elysees.
A wonderful, wonderful bridge that is by the Gold Dome. I wish I knew the names of all these places but if I'm correct this is the Ponte Alexander III.
 Than we finally made it to Chapms-Elysees, it was really wonderful. There was a lot of people there even though it was cold. People were in line to see the inside of the stores and I was in a hurry to get back to our hotel room as I was dead beat. 
This was the end of our day. We ended things at the Arc de Triomphe. 
Wait for the rest of my trip! Have a great week.


  1. aw, so jealous! paris looks absolutely beautiful!!!
    xo TJ

  2. Lovely photos, I'd really love to visit Paris someday :)

  3. the champs elysées are to my point of view, one of the worst places to visit in paris.. the least i get there, the better i feel. weren't you disappointed about it?