Paris: Part 1

Saturday, May 12, 2012

So I left off with telling that we decided to visit France and Italy while we had a visa for Europe.(Valencia P:1 and Valencia P:2) We took off for Paris first from Spain of course. We stayed for 2 days so here comes the photographs! :) You must really know that going to Paris was a dream for me. It was really cold when we went but I still tried to make the best of it. Hopefully I'll be able to go during the summer in the future.
      Paris metro. Our way of travelling around, probably the easiest way for a tourist.
Tour Eiffel, the best part of our trip. Also, the first part of our trip! I'm glad we went there early because it gets really crowded when it gets close to noon!
A couple of bird view shots from Eiffel. I loved it but there was a lot of wind. For a second I though I was going to fly! 
Inside shots: The first has to do with how tall Eiffel is and I took the photo because it has Turkey on the list. The second photo is me looking down to Paris! 
 Shots by Le Carrousel. I loved how it smelled Crepes! Yum.
 Stopped to buy some souvenirs.
Stopped by Ladureé and ate some macaroons. The shop was small but very well organised. They wouldn't let us take photographs. So I had to take these secretly.
Went inside a shopping mall, If I remember right Ladureé was here. The design of the mall reminded me of an opera house. It's probably not only me who thinks that way.
After we left the mall my sister took out her map and we started heading to our next stop which you guys will find out soon! Hope you enjoyed the first part of our trip. Have a great weekend!

Elif x

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