Paris: Part 2

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I have shared with you guys the first part of my trip to Paris which you can find  HERE and now I would love to continue from where I have left off. So we left by saying that we were deciding on where to go next and here comes the photographs that explain everything!
Our next stop was Hard Rock Cafe Paris! Something that no one should miss, not in any of the big cities. I wish that on the second photo my reflection didn't show up but it did so no can do :/
We didn't have time to check out what was inside these but I'm sure they were worth seeing. I took their photos so at least I know that I had a chance to walk by them!
A street in Paris. They were all so wonderful and looked antique in other words vintage!
Palais Royal! A wonderful garden even in winter!
Headed to Champs-Elysees. At this point I was feeling a bit sick as it was cold and my stomach started to feel funny.
A photo of me and my sister on our way to Champs-Elysees.
A wonderful, wonderful bridge that is by the Gold Dome. I wish I knew the names of all these places but if I'm correct this is the Ponte Alexander III.
 Than we finally made it to Chapms-Elysees, it was really wonderful. There was a lot of people there even though it was cold. People were in line to see the inside of the stores and I was in a hurry to get back to our hotel room as I was dead beat. 
This was the end of our day. We ended things at the Arc de Triomphe. 
Wait for the rest of my trip! Have a great week.

Paris: Part 1

Saturday, May 12, 2012

So I left off with telling that we decided to visit France and Italy while we had a visa for Europe.(Valencia P:1 and Valencia P:2) We took off for Paris first from Spain of course. We stayed for 2 days so here comes the photographs! :) You must really know that going to Paris was a dream for me. It was really cold when we went but I still tried to make the best of it. Hopefully I'll be able to go during the summer in the future.
      Paris metro. Our way of travelling around, probably the easiest way for a tourist.
Tour Eiffel, the best part of our trip. Also, the first part of our trip! I'm glad we went there early because it gets really crowded when it gets close to noon!
A couple of bird view shots from Eiffel. I loved it but there was a lot of wind. For a second I though I was going to fly! 
Inside shots: The first has to do with how tall Eiffel is and I took the photo because it has Turkey on the list. The second photo is me looking down to Paris! 
 Shots by Le Carrousel. I loved how it smelled Crepes! Yum.
 Stopped to buy some souvenirs.
Stopped by Ladureé and ate some macaroons. The shop was small but very well organised. They wouldn't let us take photographs. So I had to take these secretly.
Went inside a shopping mall, If I remember right Ladureé was here. The design of the mall reminded me of an opera house. It's probably not only me who thinks that way.
After we left the mall my sister took out her map and we started heading to our next stop which you guys will find out soon! Hope you enjoyed the first part of our trip. Have a great weekend!

Elif x

Valencia: Part 2

Sunday, May 6, 2012

The first part of my trip is on the post before, believe it or not that was just one day! We usually go overboard on travelling as there is no time to waste. Well here comes another day with lots of sightseeing. So we got up a little late this day which tourists usually don't do but we were pretty tired from the first day. We had breakfast and than we set out to see some places, but the weather was definitely colder than the first time we got out so we almost turned into ice (None of us could feel our feet)
Took a shortcut through Jardines del Real. I love how the trees are parallel to each other it gives the park a better look. At least a look that I like.
My sister showed us her school! It was really nice, I wish I could study there. Universitat de Valéncia
These 3 photos were from Jardin del Turia.
My photograph in front of L'Oceanografic.

All of these were located in or by the L'Oceanografic. The last two were from an outside museum it was about astronomy and other science related things. 
Than we went into a mall and ate donuts! Yes, I did expect Dunkin Donuts or Krispy Kreme but they had Duffin Dagels. It's funny to say it! But delicious. It was a great way to end the day, than of course we headed back to the apartment. Going around by foot was pretty exhausting!

Valencia: Part 1

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I want to write about my vacation this year during my winter break. It was the best ever. Like a dream come true moment. My sister has been studying in Spain this year because of Erasmus (a program where students go to other countries to study with the help of their university) so we decided to visit her there! After thinking about it for a really long time we thought to ourselves why not go to France and Italy also? So here are some photographs of our trip!
As we were landing! This is the L'oceanografic.
Our first stop while sightseeing was Museu De Belles Arts De Valencia. It was really fun to go around a museum and since I haven't been to one for a while it was nice to find out about different paintings and statues.
This is one of the paintings, I forgot to write down the artists name down so I had to zoom in to that little corner on the picture. Fortunately I could make out the name; Benjamin Palencia Perez . I took this photograph because I loved the colors and the frame. Such a beautiful combination!
The reason I took a photograph of this painting is because I love peacocks, I think they are really precious animals. Their tail is just another story to be told. I don't know the artist of this painting.
Portal of Apostles.
Our next stop was Metropolitan Cathedral–Basilica of the Assumption of Our Lady of Valencia We went up the tower Micalet and had a great view of Valencia!
After that we started to walk on the streets of Valencia! I love how it looks symmetrical.
Than I saw the Valenbisi bikes on the road. It's great how Europeans use bikes to get to places. A healthy lifestyle :)
Than we headed to the train station (Estació del Nord), right next to it was the Plaza de Toros where they have the bull fights. I don't have a decent image of the arena, unfortunately. In this photograph I love how the sky is going from blue-light blue-white.
As the sun was setting and we were heading back to my sisters apartment we went by the flower shops. I love how they were all next to each other giving the plaza a wonderful look and smell! Also the city hall is located here.

There were many other photographs but I think the post is long enough to continue (we also visited Torre de Serrano, Plaza de la Reina, Plaza de la Virgen, Torres de Quart).Hope you enjoyed the first part of my trip!