What I Found #21

Thursday, July 24, 2014

A little change in the way I did this collage but change is good right? This is how I would like for the collages to be from now on. It's not that I like it better but I like to change things around until maybe one day one will stick around with me. Anyways I got some really cute things for you guys, hope you like them.

I really want to get an instax before going on vacation because I know I would take amazing photos with it. It's still on the waiting list for things I'd like to buy and it might actually be number one right now. When I think about summer shorts don't usually come to my mind because I don't wear them but I have been really loving the way people have been styling high waisted shorts so I might have to consider trying them out too. And what better way to style something off like that with a crop top/bralet which happens to be striped? Well there is no better way. I love stripes. My most used accesory during spring/summer time has to be tote bags. I don't have a lot of them but I use the crap out of the ones I own. I wouldn't mind getting this fox printed one and adding it to my collection. Since we are talking about summer let's also talk about shoes. Aren't these pastel ones the cutest? It won me over with it's straps (and color, duh!). And you know what comes after summer right? Well school. And I really need a new backpack before that comes around because I have been using the same backpack for years (not kidding!). It's really old now and I'm in need of change!! So I'd really love something similar to the one I added here.

I know I wrote quite a bit this time but I felt chatty. Anyways what is number one on your list to buy this summer?

Movies, Movies, Movies!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Hey guys! As you can probably tell I was a bit late in preparing this post. I realized that this month I was quite lazy at watching movies so I had to watch some recently so I could continue with the movies post series that I love very much. I hope that you like them as much as I like writing them and that it helps you out when you are looking for a movie to watch :)

The Fault in Our Stars: I read the book in a day and went to see the movie the day it came out. I was quite excited and I knew it wasn't going to be a let down. For everyone who loved the books or who just loves romances should see this movie. It was quite lovely and emotional of course. Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort were absolutely adorable together and their acting was top notch. Some parts of the story were missing but you can't really fit a whole book into a two hour movie, you need to make cuts here and there. Also I really loved the way they filmed the texting scenes in the movie, it was a new approach that I think will probably catch on. I'm so glad to have taken this journey with Hazel and Gus!

Noah: I can say that Russell Crowe is an actor that I truly love to watch because he does have some great movies and he didn't dissapoint me with this movie either. He played Noah with great emotion. Also I was pretty suprised by Emma Watson who played Ila but other than these two I was quite disappointed (leaving Anthony Hopkins out of it of course, he was great as Methuselah). I was quite impressed with the effects and the directing was pretty amazing too. There was an evolution scene in the movie when the story of Creation was being told which I found quite interesting since it does contradict with belief but it was quite impressive how they filmed and edited that scene, it was visually stunning.

Blended: Adam Sandler makes the perfect past-time movies you can think of. I watched most of his movies and I find something to laugh in all of them. With Blended it was the same, I loved seeing Adam and Drew together. Even though I knew how the movie would end (because it always ends happily ever after and sometimes we really do need it to end that way, I mean life is pretty sucky already) it was still exciting and fun to watch. It was just a nice, cute, sweet little comedy that might just take your mind off things for a while.

Penelope: I did not think this movie would be that charming. It's a modern romantic tale about a girl named Penelope (played by Christina Ricci) who is cursed to have a face looking like a pig (actually just nose and ears). This curse can only be broken when she is loved by her own kind. I will not get into it but I really loved the moral of this movie. It's something that every person should never ever forget :) Anyways, I definitely recommend if you like magical stories and James McAvoy! 

In Your Eyes: Indie films, I really enjoy them. They usually have great cinematography, music and interesting stories. With this movie you get romance, drama, comedy etc. What else do you need? The story is about a guy and a girl who are somehow connected to each other and they can see through each others eyes. Yes they have their own problems and yes they will develop a close relationship (as if they weren't close already) and they will help each other out. It's great seeing these two characters played by Michael Stahl-David and Zoe Kazan develop a friendship and slowly fall in love. They do have to face obsticles though (Kazan's character is married and Stahl-David's character is an ex-con facing some trouble) but it wouldn't be as exciting without them.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2: I pretty much enjoy all superhero movies and spiderman has always been a favorite. I wasn't really feeling the new installment though because I liked having Tobey Maguire as spiderman and I have so many favorite scenes from all 3 of the first franchise but this second movie changed me. I liked seeing Andrew Garfield as spiderman and Emma Stone as his leading lady. And again with every superhero movie you got your amazing effects and superb directing with the best music suited for every scene. There was a scene that I really did not see coming since I don't read the comics so I'm still pretty much in shock. That scene is now on my favorites.

In the ocean I found new waves

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Well hello there! Feels like I haven't been around here for a long time and I think it has been a week since I posted last so that's so not cool. I'm going to make it up though because my internship ended yesterday and this week I'm just at home doing some summer cleaning and spending some time reading blogs and commenting, if you have commented on my blog lately you'll see a comment from me soon! 

On Sunday I got ready and asked my sister if we could take some outfit photos somewhere where there wasn't any people (because I'm shy like that) and she said sure lets go! We were headed for the marina but we remembered that the security had warned us that we couldn't take photos there so we decided to stop by the hill that takes you down to the marina and start shooting there. Of course I wore my velvet skirt because I love it and I'm not like a huge shopper for pants, skirts etc.. so I'll wear the same thing over and over I won't mind it lol. But this crop top I'm wearing is new (I tend to shop for tops a lot) and I got it from h&m on sale. I love the back of it because I love low-cut backs on dresses and in this case I love them on crop tops.. And have you seen this bag I'm wearing? It's WATERMELON!! It's so friggen adorable and roomy too. I could fit a whole bunch of things in there but I don't want the pink to disappear because then it wouldn't look like a watermelon (maybe?). It definitely will be an accessory I will use the crap out of during this summer 

Sunglasses: Bazaar 
Crop Top: H&M 
Shoes: Defacto