Photo an Hour // Meeting Friends 30.01.2016

Sunday, January 31, 2016

09:30 / The sun shining through the blinds.
10:30 / Decided to change the pot of this succulent because this was the pot it came in and the white stuff wouldn't come off of it. Also I wanted to put the little one into a different pot so it would grow more freely.
11:30 / Hopped into the shower.
12:30 / Took some photos for future blog posts.
13:30 / Drank some black tea with my cute little cup!
14:30 / Started to get ready because I was going to meet my friends.
16:30 / There was a huge line at starbucks and we were just waiting to give our order.
17:30 / Still drinking and chatting with friends.
18:30 / Walked back from Starbucks with my friend to her house and after she left I continued my walk and went to meet my mom and sister at my moms cousins house. I walked more than 15,000 steps which is why I am pretty sore as I am writing this.
I couldn't take anymore photos after that last one because I was beat by the time I walked to my destination. Also I missed an hour but I was on the bus at that time and I didn't want to attract any attention so I didn't take a photo. I know this was not the greatest start but I am glad that I decided to try this out again. Hope you like my photo an hour! 

 Elif x

Bath & Bodyworks Deep Cleansing Hand Soaps

Monday, January 25, 2016

Hello everybody! Have you ever been to Bath & Bodyworks and lost yourself by smelling one scent after the other? Well last week this exact thing happened to me. They had a buy two get one free deal so after smelling loads of scents we chose a couple of products including these three deep cleansing hand soaps. 

We have already started using Tahitian Paradise. The scent of it reminds me of Summer, really calming and fresh. It's a mixture of wild freesia, rainforest palm and white lily. The smell is long lasting and others will definitely get a whiff of it as soon as you enter a room. There was a sink in the store where we tried out Fall Lakeside Breeze. This particular soap was the reason why we wanted to try out their soaps in the first place. This one seriously reminds me of the crispy clean weather and the cool breeze of Fall. The scent is blue sage, basil and sandalwood. This one is also long lasting, leaves hands soft and smooth like the other ones. I tested out Aqua Blossom once I got home so I would have an idea on how it really smelled when used. The scent is a mixture of ocean melon, white lotus and dewy gardenia. Odly enough this smell made me feel like it was Spring and I was near the ocean because it has freshness added to its not so overpowering floral scent. 

All of these soaps deep clean and exfoliate hands because of the microsepheres inside it. It also has Aloe and Vitamin E. Since it always feels like you are doing peeling for your hands they just leave them feeling clean and soft after each use!

Elif x

Editing For Instagram

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Hello everybody! Even though I actually don't have a huge following on Instagram, once in a while I get asked about my editing. I thought that sharing a few tips on the blog might be a cool idea. Before I get into the list of things I do, I want to say that for me it doesn't matter what I take my photos with for Instagram. I could take it with my dSLR or iPhone and as long as the quality is how I want it to be then I can work with it. Also I want to say that, I truly enjoy social platforms where I can lose my self in creativity and isolate myself from the world a little and that is what Instagram has been for me.

My Editing Process

1. After taking a photo I open it up in VSCO to start editing. The app offers a lot of features from filters to other things like brightness, contrast etc. It comes with a couple of free filters which in my opinion are some of their best ones.

2. If my photo is underexposed then I will bring the exposure up because I like to have that brightness that I couldn't achieve when I first took the photo. And I like to have at least a bit of contrast because I like the sharp look it gives. If the exposure of my photo is how I like it then I don't play with it at all. It's just a matter of when and where I took the photo. If I need to go more into detail with editing brightness, contrast etc. I open Snapseed. Snapseed is another cool editing app which allows you to choose an area and just work on that part which is a great feature to have.

3. Then I choose a filter on VSCO. Recently I have been mostly using A6 which is a free filter and J5, J2 from The Minimalist Collection which I purchased a few months ago. The other filters I sometimes like to use are HB2 and SE3 which are also free filters. I like to use the same filters for all my photos because I like to have a certain color scheme for my Instagram feed.

4. After choosing a filter I do a bit more adjustments if needed and then check the temperature of my photo. I usually like cooler colors so if a photo is too warm then I'll bring the temperature down. I definitely don't overuse this feature because I don't want anything to look unnatural.

5. When my editing is done I save my photo to my camera roll and then publish it to Instagram!

Which editing app or programs do you use mostly?

Elif x