Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Someone please stop time from going so fast! It's insane how fast hours, days, months and years go by.. next thing you know you're 21 and only have 1 year of university left (yeah that's me). I finished my internship on the 14th of this month and I've been basically lying in bed since then. I've also been doing summer cleaning, shopping, watching movies and tv shows, discovering new music, typing up blog posts, taking photos etc. It has been great! Right now it's Ramadan holiday and everyone is off work. My sister went to stay at her friends summer house for a couple days and my dad is out of town too. So it's just me and my mom at home and we are basically melting because it's insanely hot around here. Anyways, I've stepped up my instagram game lately too and I've been addicted. If you'd like to give it a look, there are more photos to see on my page than what I share on here.

P.S. Last month I mentioned that something bad had happened to my grandma and I could tell now that she is semi-paralysed... she's still in the same condition but getting better everyday. We're hoping she can make a full recovery soon. They say it could take from six months to a year but maybe shorter if the treatment goes well. 

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Friday, July 25, 2014

I have to admit that even though I watched the Harry Potter movies more than a 100 times I still haven't read the books. I know I'm missing out on it and I will definitely pick them up one day and read them but I just don't see it happening anytime soon. I guess it might be because I haven't heard any of the "the books were so much better than the movie" discussions with HP that we usually see with other adaptations. But not reading the book doesn't make me any less of a fan than the people who have read it. When it first came out we went to it in the movies as a family and it became tradition and we went to the movies for the next seven to come. And it's funny we never ever saw spoilers like never so watching that last movie was pretty shocking for us in terms of the Snape storyline. It was just a big part of our lives and it still remains that way. Still waiting for my letter to Hogwarts to be honest!! :)

Well you know why I talked about HP, it's because of my new shirt from HiCustom. I got an email from them to design my own shirt on their website and they would send it out to me and after days of deciding I went with this design (I had seen it before on a tank top). They have so many things to choose from it's kind of overwhelming but they work and ship fast. I was impressed with the quality too because I didn't think it would be this soft. I feel really comfortable in it. The thing that I wasn't happy about is that even though I got a size small it's still quite big. But it's not a big issue since I can tuck it in my pants or just tie it up in the front and roll up the sleeves. If you want a unique shirt like this for yourself, you should definitely check out HiCustom. 

Shirt: c/o HiCustom 
Denim Shirt: Bershka 
Pants: Tally Weijl 
Bow: Gift

P.S. I got my denim shirt recently from Bershka and it was 50% off!! And you already know the pants. You'll see them more since they are the only high-waisted pants I own! Anyways, see ya next time.

What I Found #21

Thursday, July 24, 2014

A little change in the way I did this collage but change is good right? This is how I would like for the collages to be from now on. It's not that I like it better but I like to change things around until maybe one day one will stick around with me. Anyways I got some really cute things for you guys, hope you like them.

I really want to get an instax before going on vacation because I know I would take amazing photos with it. It's still on the waiting list for things I'd like to buy and it might actually be number one right now. When I think about summer shorts don't usually come to my mind because I don't wear them but I have been really loving the way people have been styling high waisted shorts so I might have to consider trying them out too. And what better way to style something off like that with a crop top/bralet which happens to be striped? Well there is no better way. I love stripes. My most used accesory during spring/summer time has to be tote bags. I don't have a lot of them but I use the crap out of the ones I own. I wouldn't mind getting this fox printed one and adding it to my collection. Since we are talking about summer let's also talk about shoes. Aren't these pastel ones the cutest? It won me over with it's straps (and color, duh!). And you know what comes after summer right? Well school. And I really need a new backpack before that comes around because I have been using the same backpack for years (not kidding!). It's really old now and I'm in need of change!! So I'd really love something similar to the one I added here.

I know I wrote quite a bit this time but I felt chatty. Anyways what is number one on your list to buy this summer?