Sunday, March 1, 2015

Before I knew it the month was already over. It took me a while to realize that it was already March today. Then of course I realized that this post was going to be up late but I didn't want to worry much about it. We've had some crazy weather around here during this month. Lots of gloomy and dark days which led me to feel a bit out of the mood to do anything. I chose my classes for the last time and I'm already feeling a bit weird thinking that I will be graduating in a couple of months. Before getting to much into studying I spent this month going to that newly found beach area and collecting beach glass / shells etc. And I've been spending time after classes just walking around places near my university to do a little bit of exploring. I've chosen some of the photos of these moments for my Instagram as you can see. If you'd like to see more, visit my profile and say hi!

Elif x

Photo An Hour: Snow Day 19.02.2015

Thursday, February 26, 2015

9:30am: My sister and I were out buying stuff for breakfast and I thought the bus stop looked super cool with all the snow.
10:30am: Editing photographs on Vsco.
11:30am-13:30pm: The first day of snow my sister had to leave her car at a gas station close home because the roads were super slippery. We decided that it would be a good idea to go check up on it. We walked quite a while in the snow which was probably up to our knees but unfortunaly we couldn't make it all the way there. It was quite tiring so we headed back. I took a bunch of photos but most were over exposed. I did snap a couple of good ones though.
14:30pm: I took a shower and decided to snap this photo of the products I generally use after.
15:30-17:30pm: We watched a movie while we ate.
18:30pm: Cleaned a bit in the room and while resting on my bed I realized I should snap the moment as it was the hour to do so. I took one of the wall in front of me and tried a few shots of bokeh. I love lights on dressing tables. 19:30pm: Heard some noise outside, turns out it was a tractor clearing out the snow. Or at least trying to clear it out.
20:30pm: I was back in bed again and I did some reading.

I should probably add the word "around" in front of every hour because unfortunately my camera settings were messed up so the time settings were not correct. Since quite a few days had passed I had to really jog my memory for the exact moments. Also I should mention that I did not sleep right after reading but I stayed in bed and just surfed the web and watched some YouTube videos. It was a chill day and I believe I did exactly that. I feel like this was probably not a successful photo an hour but I hope to get better at it as I get more used to it :) So go easy on me haha.

I'm as mad as they come

Monday, February 9, 2015

Hey guys! Yesterday my sister and I decided to spend the day out and take some photographs if we could. We first headed to a public park not far from where we live and got stalked there by two twelve year olds. If there mission was to make us uncomfortable they definitely succeeded. They followed us all the way around the park to our car making what we wanted to be a peaceful walk around the park a not so peaceful one. After getting into our car we decided to get warm by getting some hot chocolate at Starbucks. We sat there talking about how it sucks that we rarely have a place to just take photos peacefully without having any strangers tag along and/or give us weird looks whether they are twelve or thirty years old. And it was a miracle that shortly after we found a place that seemed exactly like what we were looking for. It's a small beach area at the end of the marina we often go to. Since the weather was a bit cold and rainy yesterday we were the only ones there and it was so calm. My sister was so awesome to take all these outfit photos for me in spite of being cold. I really enjoyed having this place to ourselves. I can't wait to go back there more often.

The day before yesterday my sister and I also went shopping. We got amazing deals on a bunch of things and one of the best deals was with this sweater. It was about 70% off its original price so I had to get it. I love that it's white and the design across it is super cute too. And believe me when I say that this is one of the softest sweaters I own because it truly is. It also kept me really warm during this shoot considering I didn't have my coat on. Another thing that might've kept me warm was this knitted scarf I got about a month ago. Knitted scarfs are truly the best for keeping warm and looking stylish at the same time. I'm also showing off my Palladium Boots that basically never come off my feet nowadays. They are super comfy and I'm never afraid of getting them dirty even though they are my favorite shoes. I think the only thing that makes no sense with my outfit would be my heart-shaped sunglasses that were sent to me by the Born Pretty Store. I'll be honest, I had no idea it was going to rain but I knew the sun wasn't out either. I thought it would look super cute considering it's the same color as my sweater. And with Valentine's Day approaching I knew this would be perfect.

P.S. The sunglasses are about $3 at BPS. If you fancy it you can also get %10 off with the code ELIFH10! Link will be down below in the details.

Sunglasses: c/o Born Pretty Store
Scarf: H&M
 Sweater: Stradivarius
Jeans: Pull & Bear
 Boots: Palladium Boots

Elif x