Friday, July 31, 2015

Good bye July! Last few days have been the hottest days here in Istanbul. The humidity is insane which is one of the reasons why I haven't been able to sleep during the night which causes me to wake up later than usual. It's been a sticky and lazy month and I believe the heat got to me. I didn't do much besides going on a road trip and going out a few nights. So this means that I didn't really go on Instagram as I didn't have much to share but here are a few of the photos that I posted on there and if you'd like to see more you can click HERE. Hopefully your Instsgram was more alive than mine was this month! 

Elif x

Photo an Hour // Road Trip 18.07.2015

Monday, July 27, 2015

07:00 / After my mothers cousing called her and invited us for breakfast at their summer house we decided it would be a good idea since it was a holiday. We were on the road pretty early because it would take us 2,5 hours.
08:00 / Got stuck in traffic which delayed our trip about 40 minutes.
09:00 / Leaving the city and starting to see a bit of land instead of building upon buildings.
10:00 / More wonderful scenery.
12:00 / We had breakfast (which I forgot to photography at around 11) and I decided to take a photo from the balcony.
13:00 / We drank turkish coffee and ate some chocolate.
14:00 / I went by the beach and sat down under a tree and just chilled.
15:00 / The weather got unbearably hot so I went back into the house to lie down a bit.
16:30 / I went by the beach again because no one else came up to the house and I got a bit bored. I drank some juice which kept me fresh.
18:00 / After I went to the beach everyone decided to head back so when we did come back I decided to hang out on my phone and edit some photos.
19:00 / We ate some dinner before we went on the road to go back home.
20:30 / Stopped by a pond and the sun was setting so we took a few photos before it was all gone. Really loved the atmosphere here, nothing but nature.
21:00 / After only going on the open road for another 30 minutes we hit major traffic. It took us 7 hours to get back home which is insane considering that the road usually only takes 2,5 hours as I have said before. They closed up roads on 3 locations which was the cause of this mess.
After coming home from that traffic I just took a shower and slept. It was a really fun day but I seriously thought I was losing my mind in that ridiculous traffic. I have lived in Istanbul a long time and seen all kinds of traffic but never one like this. I would probably never go down that road again. Anyways it was great taking you along with me though :) 

Have you ever been stuck in this much traffic? Let me know! 

Elif x

My Most Played LP Records

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Hello again everybody! Last year my dad brought home a bunch of records that one of his friends gave him. His friend had asked him if we were able to sell some of them and he also said that I could keep the ones I liked. I decided to put some to the side that I wanted to keep and tried selling a bunch of the other ones. I managed to sell a few of them before I got busy then I couldn't sell anymore. He didn't want the records back so it became my collection. Also one of my sisters friends gave me a bunch of records as well. And I became a small collector. 

Out of all the records, I have a few favorites. I've got Pink Floyd, The Beatles, The Sound of the Wild West, Pretty in Pink, Elvis and The National. I bought Pretty in Pink and The National myself a few months ago from a flea market. The National vinyl was worth every penny because it's my favorite band and I love every single one of their songs. I have never watched the movie Pretty in Pink but the album had one song from The Smiths and a couple other classics so I thought why not. And if you didn't know I really love Western movies not just because of their story but for their incredible music so it definitely isn't a suprise that The Sound of the Wild West would be a favorite of mine. And Elvis, Pink Floyd and The Beatles are pretty iconic. How can I not listen to them? :)

Do you have a record collection? If so what do you listen to the most? And if you don't have a collection but you would want to start having one what would be your first record to own?

Elif x